Bulgarian Journal of Veterinary Medicine

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W. A. Abd El-Ghany

An overview on riemerellosis: A worldwide emerging disease of ducks


      Bulg. J. Vet. Med., 26, No 3, pp. 309-324


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R. peshev

Investigations on bovine herpesvirus 4 infections in cattle in Bulgaria



     Bulg. J. Vet. Med., 26, No 3, pp. 325-334


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a. Boudaoud & A. Barberis


   Evolution of avian infectious bronchitis vaccine viruses reisolated from vaccinated broilers



      Bulg. J. Vet. Med., 26, No 3, pp. 335-341


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k. Kamalzadeh, M. Esmaelizad, J. Ghalani, P. Khaki & M. Tebianian

High expression of LipL21 protein of Iranian Leptospira interrogans in E. coli, applicable for diagnostic ELISA


      Bulg. J. Vet. Med., 26, No 3, pp. 342-350


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f. Aflakian, M. Rad, Gh. Hashemitabar, M. Lagzian & M. Ramezani


Antibacterial and antibiofilm activities of novel antimicrobial peptides against Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from bovine mastitis



      Bulg. J. Vet. Med., 26, No 3, pp. 351-360

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N. Golshan, B. Khoramian Toosi & M. Heidarpour

Pre- and post-treatment oxidative stress markers, serum amyloid A and metabolic variables in dairy cows with Staphylococcus aureus subclinical mastitis


     Bulg. J. Vet. Med., 26, No 3, pp. 361-370

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v. Popov, N. Naumov & G. Svazlyan


Effects of metabiotic Bacillus subtilis for microbiocenosis formation in early-weaned piglets

Bulg. J. Vet. Med., 26, No 3, pp. 371-380


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l. Abdolmohammadi Khiav, A. Zahmatkesh & A. Paradise

Detection of Clostridium perfringens types through genetic profiling and mouse neutralisation test


Bulg. J. Vet. Med., 26, No 3, pp. 381-389

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k. Korro, A. Lugaj, J. Mavromati, T. Bimo, E. Xeka, U. Pantovic & J. Andevski

Monitoring of exposure to toxins in raptors in Albania

Bulg. J. Vet. Med., 26, No 3, pp. 390-398

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A. s. Mahmoud, D. Yahia, W. H. Mohamed & A. A. Sharkawy


Effect of olive oil on oxidative and DNA damage induced by imidacloprid


     Bulg. J. Vet. Med., 26, No 3, pp. 399-409

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e. a. Abdelnaby, Kh. G. Abd El khalek & I. A. Emam

The beneficial effects of enriched diet on testicular blood flow and seminal parameters using colour and pulsed Doppler ultrasound in dogs


      Bulg. J. Vet. Med., 26, No 3, pp. 410-424


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m. Yari, M. Khodaei-Motlagh, M. Yahyaei & E. Dirandeh

Association of thyroid hormone profile with resumption of postpartum
ovarian activity in dairy cows



      Bulg. J. Vet. Med., 26, No 3, pp. 425-434


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m. f. Sayed, K. H. El-Shahat, H. Eissa, A. M. Abo El-Maaty & E. A. Abdelnaby

Ovarian and uterine haemodynamics during the estrous cycle of Egyptian buffaloes in relation to steroid hormonal and nitric oxide levels


     Bulg. J. Vet. Med., 26, No 3, pp. 435-454


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o. b. Akanbi, V. O. Taiwo & S. D. Ola-Fadunsin

Immunisation of chickens with commercial anticoccidial vaccines Immucox® and Livacox® showed varied protection against a virulent Eimeria tenella local isolate and Houghton strain


     Bulg. J. Vet. Med., 26, No 3, pp. 455-471


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ts. Hristov, А. Rusenov, R. Simeonov & I. Kalkanov

Ethylene glycol intoxication in a pregnant cat and a tomcat. Case report


      Bulg. J. Vet. Med., 26, No 3, pp. 472-479


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